Not Seeing, the Crime For Cameras

Not Seeing, The Crime For Cameras, by Josh Vyrtz, 2020.

Artist Statement:
I read the title for an article the other day ‘not seeing, the crime for cameras’. It was about CCTV, I didn’t read it though, I just assumed it was about cameras, and the pressures they feel.

Through an anthropomorphic metaphor, view the experience of looking at stuff, and that stuff being nice. Then look at the desire to see more stuff and finally, look at the desire to go to new places, to see new things. This is really a film about sharing a view of beauty with another, what ever beauty might be, being inherent to the beholder.

Artist Biography:

Josh Vyrtz (b.1992) is an artist based in London and Stoke-on-Trent, working across performance, film, writing and image-making. He uses the archetype of the performer to engage with social issues. The bulk of his time is spent collecting research. When creating a new project he approaches the work from two sides – one that is journalistic and, simultaneously, one that is deeply personal and autobiographical.

He has devised two shows that have completed runs at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, exhibited both nationally and internationally, taught developmental workshops at Focal Point Gallery (2018), and been shortlisted for both the Kaitak Centre residency (2018) and the Red Mansion Art Prize (2017).

Educated at University College London, Master of Arts (M.A.), Fine Art Media -The Slade – 2016-2018, and at Goldsmiths, University of London Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Fine Art Media, 2012-2015.

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