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We publish original articles on topics that are crying out for a balanced perspective. Science has taught us that objective truth does not exist. However, that is not an excuse to present your truth in an unbalanced way. Do good research and offer both sides of the truth equally, present your opinion, offer a balanced  and constructive thesis, and recognize that in a democratic society, people with opposing views are not wrong. Sectarian musings, factual errors, complaining, and meandering will not be allowed here. If you have something to say, and you can follow these guidelines, contact the editor.

Are you an expert in your field? Provide a bio, and links to your your work. We accept original, unpublished-on-the-internet articles in a wide range, including art, science, history, business, philosophy, religion, meditation, and many other fields. Eye-related articles are only accepts by eye doctors and industry professionals.

We accept articles on politics and religion and other contentious topics. However, you must provide a balanced exposition of the issues. If your point of view is blatantly one-sided, it will not be published here. If your point of view is likely to upset or annoy people, it will not be published here. In fact, if I don’t like it, it won’t be published here.

You can submit anything you want, but do not expect a response. If I decide to publish it, I will give you credit and a link to a respectable website. I am not going to link to shopping sites, coupon sites, or any other site that is not useful to the reader. However, I reserve the right to add any edits or links that I choose (as long as they don’t conflict with your thesis). I will remove an article if you ask me to.

There are not obligations implied or inferred here. I reserve all rights, and if you submit something, you are granting me publication rights. Your use of this website implies that you agree to this.

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